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Oddernes school band is very fortunate also to have students from Kristiansand International School.

It´s fun to play music together! If you consider to join our band, please contact us or just pop in on a Tuesday afternoon (17.00-20.00) at Kongsgård skolesenter!

Our students, girls and boys, are aged 8 - 18. We play all kinds of music: Movie-themes, pop, rock, musical, christmas songs and some marching-band music. On the 17th of May, the national day we participate in the parades in town.

All students have their own lessons with a skilled teacher as well as 1-2 hours band-session every week. The language is Norwegian, but normally the teachers and the other students and parents understand English.

We have a lot of different instruments in the band: Please take a look at the heading "bli med" - and  "instrumenter i et janitsjarkorps". Our instruments are in a very good shape.

Every Tuesday when the band is practising, there will always be some parents present in case of questions.

On this home-page you will find a lot of information and pictures of our school band. The band has a long tradition; in 2015 we celebrated our 60th anniversary !

Please pay attention to the heading called "viktige beskjeder"

Important messages and semester-program (halvårsplan) will be sent to all members per e-mail.

If you have any question don`t hesitate to ask us :-)







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